Big Red Wiggles

DeMory Daylily Garden

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Fan Type:  Single Fan

(Stamile, P. 2015) 

TET 23 (Get Jiggy x Tet Texas Kaleidoscope) 31” M SEv Re com (cool morning opener) fr 6.5” x 3” x 2”. 4-5 way branching. 25 buds.
Like all patterned daylilies there is considerable variation in patterning. Sometimes Big Red Wiggles looks like the image, a kind of giant Get Jiggy in ruby red with a black red picotee on the petals and a white blotch on the sepals. At other times there is more of a window pane pattern in the eye with alternate dark and light patterns.
Big Red Wiggles is break in getting patterns into the large reds and purples. Big Red Wiggles is carrying Get Jiggy’s dormant foliage habit and should produce dormants when crossed with dormants if that is one of your goals. It could also be used for black picotees on reds as well. Fertile both ways.