Copper Miner

John DeMory Daylily Garden

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Fan Type:  Single Fan

2016 registered single fan of "Copper Miner".  Very little fertilizer is used. Copper Miner has outstanding, large foliage and its color is a very beautiful copper shade with a golden edge.  Each purchase is a single fan.

*This is a pre-order that will be shipped in the spring.

Scape Height:  34 Inches (86 Centimeters)
Bloom Size:  6.5 Inches (17 Centimeters)
Bloom Season:  Early-Midseason

Ploidy:  Tetraploid
Foliage Type:  Semi-Evergreen
Fragrance:  Fragrant
Bloom Habit:  Diurnal

Bud Count:  20
Branches:  4

Seedling Number:  1300

Parentage:  sdlg x Karen Stephens